30/09/2016 04:18

Behind every great shopping experience is a team of innovative marketers and merchandisers. They optimize website content, merchandise products, and create awesome marketing campaigns and promotions. But what if you could empower your team to create new shopping experiences faster and easier than ever before?

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 gives you that power.


Drive Sales and Improve Productivity
It all starts with Content Staging and Preview. Now you can easily stage, preview, and schedule a wide range of new content, including updates to products, categories, and promotions. User-friendly tools developed through extensive usability testing make the whole process fast and efficient. Plus, a new timeline dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility of all scheduled updates, so your team can easily coordinate campaigns to maximize sales impact.

Enterprise Edition 2.1 takes the worry out of scheduled updates. Now you can preview changes across your site by store view and date, and share links to staged content with other team members to make reviews and approvals easier. You can also preview changes in checkout to confirm all promotions are working as expected. Updates are automatically published and removed at scheduled times, so you can “set it, and forget it!”

Boost Conversion Rates

Enterprise Edition 2.1 features PayPal enhancements that streamline your checkout experience, and boost sales. PayPal In-context Checkout increases conversion rates by 69 basis points[1] by enabling shoppers to pay with PayPal without ever leaving your site. Securely storing credit card information through PayPal Saved Credit Cards means fewer security headaches, and more frequent purchases: Customers love to check out quickly without entering their credit card information.

Simplify PCI Compliance
PCI compliance is also easier with Enterprise Edition 2.1. New Hosted Fields allow Braintree to securely collect payment information directly from your site, so you can qualify for the simplest level of PCI compliance. But, because only individual fields are replaced by Braintree, you stay firmly in control of your checkout experience and conversion rates.

Scale for Growth
Enterprise Edition 2.1 comes fully loaded with Elasticsearch, cutting edge site search technology that turns shoppers into buyers. This search engine supports 33 languages out-of-the-box and lets you set ‘stop words’, search synonyms, and attribute weighting to deliver highly relevant search results. It’s also designed to handle large catalogs and can easily scale to support enterprise and fast-growing merchants. Configuring Elasticsearch is easy, so you can start seeing results right away.

Improve Your Management Experience
Advances to the Magento Admin empower you to work more efficiently. An all-new Admin search feature enables you to quickly find customer and order information. Search synonyms are radically easier to set up across multiple sites. And, redesigned forms simplify and speed the process of creating new products, content, and categories.

Deploy in the Magento Cloud
Enterprise Edition 2.1 is now available in the cloud. New Enterprise Cloud Edition allows you to focus on creating amazing brand experiences, without worrying about infrastructure. You get a fully-customizable, secure, and scalable storefront built on AWS and optimized for rapid deployments and performance. Magento provides you the flexibility to deploy your site in whatever environment suits your goals and operations best, including cloud, hosted or on-premises.

Take the Next Step
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For technical information, check out these release notes for Magento Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.

[1] PayPal pilot data comparing in-context experience to full-page experience. Q4’14 – Q1’15. Results achieved by 5 Large Enterprise merchants in North America.

(From Magento Official Blog)